Digital Supremacy

How To Make Thousands Of Dollars A Month Using Instagram, Facebook & More!

Make Money On Platforms You Already Use! 

You don't have to be social media famous to make lots of money online. With the rise of short form content now allowing ANYONE to make an extra $1,000 a month, which is an extra $12,000 A YEAR! In this course i'll be showing you how I make money & grew my social media pages and how you can too! From instagram and YouTube to the big bucks on Facebook and Tiktok!

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Introduction To Digital Supremacy

  2. 2
    • Getting Paid

  3. 3
    • What is Instagram Reels?

    • Instagramers blowing Up!

    • My Instagram Analytics & How I Get Paid

    • How To Grow Your Brand On Instagram

  4. 4
    • What Is YouTube #shorts?

    • The Crazy Growth On YouTube

    • How I Blew Up On YouTube

    • How To Get Paid!

    • YouTube #shorts Behind The Scenes

  5. 5
    • What is Facebook Reels?

    • Facebook Growth

    • My Facebook analytics & Getting Paid

    • How To Grow Your Brand On Facebooks

  6. 6
    • Making money on Tiktok

    • Tiktokers Making Bank!

    • My page & how to get paid

    • Tiktok Creator Program

    • How To Grow On Tiktok

  7. 7
    • Finding Your Niche

    • Where I Go To Get Footage (The Free Stuff)

    • Footage & Music Resources

    • How I Edit My Videos

    • Subtitling Videos

    • Other Programs (Free)

    • Other Programs (Paid)

    • Batching Content

  8. 8
    • The Power Of Using Multiple Social Medias

    • The Power Of Posting On Multiple Sites

    • How I Save My Videos

    • Other Ways To Save Content To Share Later

    • How To Download Vids Without Watermarks

  9. 9
    • Ways To Make Money Recap

  10. 10
    • My Thoughts On Ads To Grow

    • Facebook Ads

    • Instagram Ads

    • Tiktok Ads

    • YouTube Ads

  11. 11
    • Let's Start Making Money In This Social Media Gold Mine

Take Over Social Media

  • Instagram/Tiktok

    Learn how to utilize Instagram & Tiktok's ever growing features to build up a following that fit your niche to make money through Reels, Stories, short form content & more!

  • YouTube

    The powerhouse of the long form content is now spreading it's wings to the short form content sphere. Learn the best practices for YouTube #shorts content as well as using your other instagram, tiktok, etc content and start making money!

  • Facebook

    A sleeper when it comes to social media money, Facebook pays A LOT more revenue wise with less of an audience. Utilize the tips in this course to maximize your social media money by copying your other media to a brand new audience here